Mukhwas/Seed mixture

For a person like me, who’s into mostly traditional food, having seeds can be a task. You may add seeds to your smoothie bowls and salads, or just have it in a trail mix pack. Wish I liked smoothie bowls. For me, Mukhwas is a quick fix when it comes to having seeds in my diet. But it’s rare that I make this mixture myself. Thanks to the unending lockdown, I found myself making some this week.

You can keep a small jar of this Mukhwas on your dining table, handbag (well, we’re no more commuting), or the bedside table. If you have it at home, I would call it a luxury.

A tsp of this roasted seed mixture is perfect after meals, as it helps in cleansing your palate and improves digestion as well.

We all know flax seeds has omega-3 in it, and it’s something that’s good for your heart. White sesame seeds have calcium in it, and fennel seeds are good for your gut and overall health. Let’s see how I made this Mukhwas, shall we?

Roasted seeds


Flax seeds, white sesame seeds, fennel seeds, salt and lemons.


1. In a plate, empty your raw flax seeds and sprinkle juice of half a lemon on it. Add a bit of salt as well. Mix well and keep aside.

2. In a similar way, take a separate plate for each seed content, and repeat the process for fennel and sesame seeds as well.

3. After a few hours, you will need to roast these seeds on a skillet/kadai. You will need to roast each seed variety separately. Flax seeds took the maximum time for me (25 minutes). Fennel took 15 and sesame seeds took around 20 minute of roasting. Keep tasting the seeds in between. You will need a good crunch for sure. Mind your tongue as you don’t want to burn it.

4. Once the roasting is done, keep adding the seeds in a plate. Let it cool for 10 minutes and empty it quickly in a air-tight container. I roasted my fennel seeds first. Added them in a jar. After that, I roasted my flax seeds and sesame seeds; let it cool down and mixed it all together in the same skillet as the last step.

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