Basil in my jar

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The best part about summer is that one gets to enjoy tasty and enriching natural flavours. I like to see the cool, local fruits, especially, that we get during the season. I have also kept an earthen pot near my water filter machine, to store fresh drinking water. Didn’t get to use this in the last season. Matke ka paani (water stored in an earthen pot) is the best thing that one can drink to quench the thirst after a long summer day spent outside. We don’t have a single plastic bottle in the house. And not a single bottle in the fridge. Somehow, the chilled water of the fridge gets to my throat, and I don’t really like it. You may call me an old school, but I prefer matke ka paani only.

I have been through a few health issues, and a few elderly aunties in my family have recommended a few things to help me out. “This will keep your body cool from the inside,” said one. So, I’m on a constant look-out for kitchen ingredients, like this one, that will help me do just that.

After coming home from work, I and my husband like to catch up on two chilled glasses of milk. But who likes to drink plain milk. So, we add two spoons of Rooh Afza (rose-flavoured syrup) and one more secret ingredient.

Usually, Tukmaria or Sabja (sweet basil seeds) is added in the famous North-Indian drink called Falooda. I want to make sure that I regularly have my dose of this, as it really good for the body. And what better way to make my rose milk drink taste even better?


I soak a spoon or two of Tukmaria in water. In a cup of water, you can add a teaspoon of the seeds. After about 10 to 15 minutes, the seeds puff up and reach the rim of the bowl. Strain this and add it to your rose milk. I add about two teaspoons of these puffed up seeds in my glass. You can also add these seeds in your water-based drinks. Isn’t it amazing, how such small things can make a big impact on one’s health?

Dear, summer heat, you can go on, because I’m having the best time here. See you around, dear readers.