Hi. I’m Deepika Nandal, and I run this blog. I’m extremely passionate about authentic, simple, fuss-free food. My native place is Jaisalmer, and I grew up in Surat.

It breaks my heart, every time I try to make my food ‘look good’. My mum never did so; she just fed us good food. But Instagram-worthy food has become a trend now; and I try hard not to follow these trends.

I’m a freelance journalist, and a mum. My articles have been published in the Hindu, Gastro Obscura, Reader’s Digest (website), Better Homes and Gardens India, New Woman and more.

Here, I share food stories that are close to my heart, and random stuff that I feel I should write about. Recently, I started an interview series called Taste Memory Talks.

My mother and my mother-in-law are my biggest inspirations, and I want to pen a book about their food. But that will happen when it has to happen. Hope you enjoy reading my blog.

घनी खम्मा. 🙏

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  1. Hi Deepika,

    Bonusapp wants to award You!!

    We are happy to inform you that your blog has been selected for our major award feature – “20 Best North Indian Culinary Blogs” award. This award is dedicated to bloggers who create a wide range of traditional North Indian recipes and provide them with a global platform via their blogs. Your blog has an impressive assortment of heirloom regional recipes. Also, your writing style is very clear and detailed which instills confidence in readers to try your recipes. Your work appealed to us on multiple levels and we felt you were an obvious choice for our list of finalists for this award. We wanted your personal email for further communication.

    Eagerly waiting for your response !!

    Best regards,
    Abhinay Koppula
    Head – Business Development


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