In the French city of India

On the way towards Pondicherry, I saw salt being extracted from huge field grounds. Little further, individual houses were seen on the coastal line and I wondered what it’d be for the dwellers to listen to the waves all night. And as we drove closer, I was overwhelmed to see the White Town of the city and the statue of Mahatma Gandhi on the majestic Promenade area. When I look back, I see myself staying right there with my husband while we explore the cafes and streets of this high-street area; living the French style. 

So, recently, we sisters decided to explore a new city (without our husbands). And we did not bad, especially with three kids in the group. When we reached Pondicherry, two of us knew it strongly that the driver had to be changed with a local one; that way, we won’t have to sit on Google Maps. 

The first night, we girls had an amazing dinner at La Villa. The cucumber punch and hibiscus mojito stood out for me. That unnerving feeling of how the next two days would be was palpable; needless to say, we were all a bit of anxious already.

Travel has become such a tedious task with one always hunting down reviews to make the perfect decisions. Every place should stand out. Every dish should stand out. Every hour should be well spent. It really can give you a headache. To be together on this trip, we had to trust each other, and keep those nervous veins calm. And I’m glad we managed to smile all along.

By the way, I wish I had picked up some jewellery pieces at the Meraki next door to La Villa restaurant. You leave some things for next time, and this surely was one of them. At the store, I spoke to the owner, a sweet lady who didn’t find it odd to speak in Hindi and suggested a few names that I could find out on my trip.

Our stay was booked at Le Pondy, and I must say, the king sized beds impressed me. With an infant, you keep looking out for more space. During the entire trip though, we couldn’t catch up on some pool time, so that was it for me. Also, the hotel’s kitchen staff was kind enough to pack baby food for us. Which kept our rhythm going.

I got to know the French side of the city at Auroville. It’s a forest kind of an area that runs on solar power, and is filled with many creative people who spend their time doing meaningful things be it meditation, baking, teaching, etc. There were many cafes here, but there was this one place where a poor man was being thrashed very badly. And that gave me an impression of two things. These old beggars just won’t move away from your car (we had experienced several times in the city too), and second, this foreign style cafe just couldn’t afford to spoil their image with this man sitting on their entrance. And I wondered what to make of it. And I still can’t decide on it. 

Coming back to Auroville, you will have an amazing time here. Make sure you find a nice place to stay here so that you can explore it well. We went to Maitrimandir, and loved it (unlike the average rated reviews). Just don’t forget your baby’s stroller, as there’s a bit of walking required. The more you read about this place, the more curious you’d be about this place.

Delicious ice-cream, dream catchers, crochet key chains, cotton clothing items, handmade soaps, solar panels, well-trimmed gardens, a 100-years-old Banyan tree, lots of good food and more, Auroville for me was a beautiful spot to slow down and unlike many commercial locations around the country. If you’re not with your tiny tots, you can cycle around and interact more with the people here.

Coming to White Town and beyond. While I couldn’t go inside Sri Aurobindo Ashram with my seven-month-old baby, I did explore a few bakeries in the nearby area. Zuka on MG Road blew my mind with its neat cakes. A must visit if you’ve a sweet tooth. Arulmigu ManakulaVinayagar temple nearby the ashram was great too. 

I wanted to skip buying plastic bottles, and was happy to see a big water cooler inside the temple. I didn’t have a steel bottle with me, but I drank water from its tap with my hands anyway. Also, there were water taps near Maitrimandir as well.

I loved shopping at Auroshikha. Got pure sandalwood powder from here and I can’t wait to try it soon. The candles here were nice too, apart from the usual incense sticks, cones, aroma oils, and all. 

There are some pretty corners in White Town, plus the architecture is a treat for the eyes. The mustard yellow walls, yellow and red-coloured Vespas being driven on the lanes, bougainvillea plants adding more charm to the area, and of course the many food joints and boutique-style shops you’d like to see. 

If I had time, I would have liked strolling at the Promenade, exploring quaint cafes and stores like Ma Pondy Cherie. I would highly recommend you staying one day at a resort to enjoy some pool and beach time, and one day in White Town to take up interesting tours and witness how the French influences the city.

Lastly, always watch for small communities that might ask for your time and helping hands. There are many NGOs here that undertake thoughtful ways of helping the underprivileged. For instance, there was this cart that sold bags made by differently-abled people. If I’m not wrong, it belonged to Snehan, a local NGO. So go ahead, and be kind.

Everybody has a way of working in Pondicherry. Local people (including the people who have flown from different countries from the world) have their own way of working creatively here, and that amazed me. 


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