A good life

Nathdwara, in Rajasthan, is a religious place. You can easily spot Krishna bhakts around the place. Almost two years ago, I took my husband to Nathdwara. I was damn tensed, as I thought he might get put off to see the crowd. Much to my surprise, he absolutely loved the place. The warmth of the people won his heart.

From Delhi, we took the Mewat Express and reached Nathdwara early in the morning. I could see how local Gujarati snacks like poha and khaman were being sold at small stalls, on our way to the hotel. And, I was hungry!

A close aunt of mine recommended us to stay at Hotel Vrinda. And boy! The food and the service of the tiny hotel charmed us so much so that we call it our best stay so far. It was a cold December, and the ukala or the warm milk with dry fruits was something that he had four times a day. The Rajasthani and Gujarati cuisine available at the hotel is to die for!

As usual, I loved strolling in the town’s busy streets. The artwork (Pichwai painting) done by local artists and the rustic charm of Nathdwara allured me. Apart from lots of cows, I noticed a lot snack items sold at every nook and corner. In the evening, I also noticed a lot of prasad being taken inside the streets. Prasad is nothing but the holy food offered in the temple. And after that, the prasad gets distributed.

I recommend a visit to this town to those who love warm people, good food and overall, good vibrations. Here are a few snapshots from my trip.

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