Mulberry skies

2016-03-17 18.01.39

I have been teaching a bunch of local kids ever since I have moved to Gurgaon from Mumbai. Actually, my neighbour aunty used to teach around 15 kids and I happily asked her to send half of them at my place. The class switched on and off because of a job I joined and left in between, but now it’s a daily routine. In the last two years, 3 to 5 PM in the noon has become a special time for me, which I share with these little birds that flock in my living room from different corners. We share a close bond now so much so that they know what to do when my mood fluctuates and I know when one of them is hiding a secret. Yesterday, they got me some fresh mulberries picked from a nearby tree. Ironically, I have never tasted them before. They were so happy to do it for me and I felt blessed!

Background score right now: Ala Barfi! 

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